release notes

Release Notes
June 30, 2021

This month is rich for changes from ANY.RUN. And today, we give new users a helpful tip – service tutorials! An interactive and fast introduction of our service will assist you in creating tasks and analyze malware samples with ease. 

Update overview:

  • Interactive tutorial of how to analyze threats 
  • Service usability improvements

Interactive tour on the service

ANY.RUN is always happy when new users join our community. And the best way to show it is to give a warm welcome! We have prepared a quick but detailed tutorial, so all users can understand the sandbox’s functionality and do their work on the service successfully. 

Interactive tutorials are the most effective method to get how to use all functionality available on the service. Modal windows, pop-up notifications with tons of texts seem confusing and tiring. Therefore, the intuitive approach enables smart and straightforward navigation between all the different parts of the service, easy to learn and operate. That’s why as soon as you register, we will run the first task together without time-consuming reading! 

We will learn all the necessary steps for proper malware investigation with the “How to analyze threats” tutorial:

  • Create a new task
  • Upload a sample
  • Interact with the virtual machine
  • Navigate in the service
  • Complete the task.

Each guide’s point is accompanied by a clear description of what you need to do and what data you can find there. 

After you complete this tour, there will be no problems for you to analyze threats by yourself. Moreover, in the nearest future, we will add other tutorials to get you familiar with ANY.RUN. And even if you’re an experienced user of our sandbox, you can check this novelty out in the FAQ, the Tutorial tab. 

ANY.RUN’s goal is to simplify threat analysis and make it as intuitive as possible. We are eager to help you make the best of our services and achieve your desired outcome. The “How to analyze threats” tutorial is one of the first essential steps to your malware hunting and, we hope, our cooperation.

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