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Write for us

Write for us 

Here at ANY.RUN Blog we want to see new and interesting content that will be helpful for our readers. If you think you have something valuable to contribute to our blog and write a guest post, we welcome your ideas.

What do you get 

  • A full author bio at the end of the post with links to your social networks;
  • Promotion in our social networks;
  • A free ANY.RUN subscription;
  • Help from our editorial and design teams; 
  • Gain experience and reach new readers with the help of the blog.


  1. Write content that is original, high-quality, and useful to our audience. So if you’re going to pitch us an article, tell us how it fills these requirements. Our usual posts are in the 1000-2500 range. And we are not interested in anything that was just copied & pasted. 
  2. Do some research. It’s great to include your own personal experience and opinions. But it should be based on research and information.
  3. Use graphs, charts, pictures – everything to get readers involved in your piece. ANY.RUN designers’ team is also ready to help.
  4. Be ready for editing. Our aim is to get a perfect post for readers, so we are looking for cooperation and all changes are mutual.
  5. Write for our audience. Articles for ANY.RUN Blog should fit in with the tone and vision of our site and what our audience looks for. We write articles for experts in malware analysis, so try not to pitch us anything focused on topics not related to cybersecurity.

Topics we like to see

  • Malware investigations
  • Researches on cybersecurity topic
  • Latest and historical types of malware
  • Training tips
  • Analysts’ lifehacks 
  • Or any other topic suitable for ANY.RUN Blog

Please, keep in mind that we do not publish advertising posts.

How to proceed?

Send us an email at [email protected] with one or a few topics you can confidently write about. Make sure the topic is not something we have already covered. By the way, if you have already published your work somewhere else, please send us your posts.  

Now you have learned all details of writing guest posts for ANY.RUN Blog. Contact us if you any questions about the process. We are looking forward to your contributions and to working together!