release notes

Release notes
April 21, 2021

ANY.RUN is back with changes! 

We always listen to our users and try to make your experience with the service better and more convenient. This release is all about the New task window.

Update overview:

  • new features – command-line presets and configuration presets
  • usability improvements
  • drag and drop files functionality
  • help widget 
  • window redesign

Here is a new version of the New task window.

Simple mode 

  • A URL and a file 

There is a novelty in the URL field. Now you have the checkbox “Download file and start”. The file is downloaded and immediately run via the link you provide. 

Moreover, it’s so easy to upload files with new functionality – just drag and drop a file in the corresponding field and you’re good to run a task. The convenient way to start your analysis. 

The simple mode has acquired bright colors of a new design and a more visual way to choose an operating system as well as its bitness. 

Pro mode 

A lot of reviews and comments inspired us to improve the advanced settings. We have changed the logic, the structure, added a couple of new features, and the design, of course. Almost the same old window but much better. Let’s dive into these modifications:

  • Command-line presets

Hunters used to type the command-line manually. For your convenience, a new function has appeared – the command-line presets. Now you can also choose between different pre-installed presets and perform a more elaborate analysis. 

For example, change “Local Group Policy” to check if the analyzed malware is triggered. Just type “gpedit.msc” into the field to open the editor after the start of the task.

You may open the “Command Prompt” utility by typing “cmd” into the field.

Do you need to change Microsoft Excel options before the task’s launch? Paste “excel” and alter options in the Excel window. 

When you run the DLL file, provide parameters, so the first CMD command is rundll32.exe %FILENAME%,NameOfParameter. Like this: rundll32.exe %FILENAME%,DllRegisterServer.

Use all Windows command prompt utilities with that feature. Check out “tracert”, “netstat”, “bitsadmin” and a lot of others during your research: start a command prompt with “cmd /k command”.

  • Duration, Network, and Privacy

Alter the configurations on the fly with the more convenient menu including the precise selection of the analysis time. 

The Network block has an upgraded VPN interface for your fast work. You can upload a custom OpenVPN config file. There is no need to get back to the profile, now you can drag and drop it in the special field right here. Upload, save and choose the VPN from your own list. 

This release has made privacy settings very easy to find. Privacy has a dedicated block, so you’ll never miss it.

  • Configuration presets

You know that there is a default configuration that you can save and run a task with. But it’s not enough. Each threat requires a specific approach. Our team understands you and has added a new feature – presets. 

Now you can save as many configuration sets as you want. Create special conditions for njRAT, Lokibot, or any other malware, and save them all. Switch between presets whenever you need them and launch the task with the exact environment you’ve picked. The machine remembers your configurations, so you can save time and immediately start the analysis. No more manual typing, or choosing, one click and go to the investigation.

Help widget 

If you are a new user and get a little confused with the Pro mode functions, now you can click on a question mark icon to bring up the tooltip. Every block is provided with a detailed description of what each feature means and how to use it. ANY.RUN does its best to make your work easy, especially with advanced options. 

Moreover, there are some design changes in the task interface. “Add tags to your task” has an improved view.

And if you bring up the Task configuration window, you’ll see a new interface for it, too. 

ANY.RUN team is always eager to make your work fast and easy. Enjoy the more convenient New task window with enhanced features. We hope you will like the improvements and make use of it. 

We have a lot of plans and ideas, so get ready for the upcoming updates! 

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