Release Notes
May 20, 2022

Hello, ANY.RUN users! Today we announce a new update on the service. This time, we discuss a new look of text reports that will help you review the task’s details more conveniently. 

Why do you need a text report? 

You finished the malware analysis of a task and got all the information you needed. And all you want is to take all data with you for further work or share it with your colleagues. For this case, ANY.RUN offers different formats of reports: JSON, PCAP, Process matrix, MITRE Matrix, and others. But one complete file that can come in handy is a text report. 

The text report contains details about the task: 

  • general information such as file name, verdict, threats, and others.
  • behavior activities
  • static information 
  • video and screenshots
  • system events 
  • network 
General info in the text report

The text report guarantees that you won’t miss any vital information. Moreover, you can download, share or print it to avoid losing your analysis. 

Text report update 

This release brought a change for text reports. We know how difficult it is to sit down in front of the screen all day. That is why our team has decided to redesign the text report’s look not only for convenient work but, what is also essential, a comfortable one. Here are all the changes: 

  • simple navigation: pagination, choose the number of lines you want to see
  • the enhanced data structure, logical info block placement 
  • extended task field for even more detailed info
  • easy print control, decide exactly what you want to print 
  • improved table look for the printed version, all information at once
  • user-friendly design, so it’s easy to sift through details
Processes in text reports

Print exactly what you need

When we are done with the assignment, the last thing we want to do is to waste time on documentation. Another step or a new task seems more appealing, rather than going through tons of data. 

ANY.RUN text report saves this time. While reviewing the task and reading the report, remove the tick in the Add for printing box near the block you want to hide. And the bunch of data you don’t need will be removed for the printed version – the only information you need and you have chosen. Moreover, the hidden block will get out of your way, so you can stay focused on the essential data. 

Print control for the text report’s printed version

The more convenient, user-friendly, and bright look of text reports will definitely save you time during your everyday work. Upload a file, start the task, and try ANY.RUN‘s upgraded text report now.

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