a New Technology for Instant Malware Analysis

ANY.RUN brings a New Technology for Instant Malware Analysis

ANY.RUN is starting 2022 with a huge change. We‘re happy to share a brand new technology. Try instant access to malware analysis and get the first results immediately. Wait no more!

Why is speed vital? 

In cybersecurity, speed is a key to a successful defense. If an attack happens, the main goal of a SOC specialist is to collect all possible data about the incident, attackers and figure out what the target was. Every second spent in vain lets criminals exploit vulnerabilities and cause damage.

Moreover, time is money. And when an employee wastes his working hours on useless waiting, the company suffers in the first place. The annoying website’s loading and buffering can drive anybody mad. “We want it all at once” – it has become a must in the modern world.

Wait no more

ANY.RUN’s key advantage has always been fast and convenient analysis. After submitting a file, launching took about 18 seconds to get the first results. But we are always working hard to improve the service for users. 

The process of working out the solution was a real challenge for us. It took more than a year to figure out how exactly ANY.RUN users can start analysis immediately. We kept in mind that malware specialists are eager to run as many samples as possible, so we need to meet their demands and be ready for an increasing number of tasks on the service. 

And here is the Instant access. A task is launching about x10 times faster! A sample runs immediately and is ready for analysis. Automated sandboxes and other interactive services pale in comparison to ANY.RUN’s Instant access.

Wait no more, work right away. The virtual machine works even faster than starting your laptop, turning on your phone, or opening a browser. And we are proud to say, our service is the fastest in the market, and we hope our users can enjoy it to the fullest.

Stop waiting and start analyzing malware x2,5 faster! Right now you go to the Emotet investigation immediately. Compare the task launch with Instant access to the previous version. And you better buckle up!

Instant access technology

ANY.RUN is happy to present a new technology – Instant access. We have been working on an entirely new method for a while: a remastered process of launching the task and a faster way to get to the analysis. 

Instant access technology gives you an opportunity to:

  1. Analyze a sample faster as you don’t waste time waiting.
  1. Run an unlimited number of tasks and investigate them immediately.
  1. Get the first results in a flash.

Instant access is not only about speed. The amount of launched tasks is rapidly growing on the service. Malware analysts run about 10 thousand samples daily. And despite the high load, you get stable and smooth usage for research. The new technology allocates the service’s resources rationally for your convenience. 

All ANY.RUN users can already try the Instant access technology and get to the analysis immediately! This feature is available for all subscriptions, including the Community plan. We value your time and do our best to make your research fast, convenient and informative. Now you can focus on your investigations and leave the rest to us. And we will try to work hard to make your experience on the service better. Enjoy your hunting! 

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