ANY.RUN & Zero2Automated Collaboration for Cybersecurity Course
ANY.RUN & Zero2Automated Collaboration for Cybersecurity Course

Today we have great news for malware analysts! 

ANY.RUN, an interactive online platform for detecting and investigating cyber threats, starts cooperation with the Zero2Automated malware reverse engineering course. 

Vitali Kremez and Daniel Bunce created an online training course. The course will be useful for you whether you are a newcomer to cybersecurity or you want to deepen your knowledge in this sphere. These gurus designed two modules: Zero2Hero for beginners and the Zero2Automated reverse engineering course. Moreover, students and teachers keep in touch with each other on a Slack channel during the 12 lesson course. Malware algorithms, evasion, all steps of reverse engineering, practical analysis and it’s not even half of the topics covered in the Zero2Automated course. Besides that, it will be constantly updated and all students get lifetime access to the training! 

The major benefits of the course that makes it so popular are:

  • experienced masters and authors of the course: Vitali Kremez and Daniel Bunce; 
  • complex solution: you get lectures, access to the MISP platform, and a special offer from ANY.RUN sandbox;
  • the practical approach of the course: the considerable theoretical part and a strong emphasis on practice;
  • advanced malware techniques and fresh samples;
  • an effective and coherent structure of the course;
  • rich lessons with video examples;
  • affordable price.

The most exciting point is that ANY.RUN has become a part of this amazing course! Some of the training practice will be based on the platform. This will expand students’ experience and make their analyses more effective.  

ANY.RUN offers a special plan for all Zero2Automated course students. To boost the training, you can use ANY.RUN bonus: a plan with expanded functions for 3 months!

Nowadays, cybersecurity has a great impact on any organization’s work. It’s a unique opportunity to get relevant and profound knowledge from experienced specialists at an affordable price! 

Learn more on the Zero2Automated blog page

Join the course to become a cybersecurity expert! 

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