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Release notes: Mutexes in TI Lookup, new YARA rules, extractors, and more
HomeService Updates
Release notes: Mutexes in TI Lookup, new YARA rules, extractors, and more

Welcome to ANY.RUN‘s monthly updates, where we share what our team has been working on over the past month. 

In June, we introduced new search capabilities for mutexes, added numerous YARA rules and config extractors, implemented packer detection, and expanded our Suricata ruleset. We also added several new signatures for enhanced threat detection. 

Here’s a closer look at what we’ve done. 

Mutex Search in TI Lookup 

We’ve released an update that allows you to search for mutexes in TI Lookup and add them to your IOCs. The search results now make it easier to distinguish between malicious and legitimate mutexes, significantly speeding up your threat investigations. 

New YARA Rules and Config Extractors 

We’ve added a substantial number of new YARA rules and updated existing ones, many with config extractors. Here are some highlights: 

We’ve also updated the config extractor for Danabot: implemented a fix and added C2 verification. 

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New Packer Detection 

We’ve implemented detection for various packers, including: 

Expanded Suricata Ruleset 

We’ve significantly expanded our Suricata ruleset, adding 127 new rules: 

  • 101 rules for various phishing detection 
  • Additional auxiliary rules 
  • Detection for abuse of Telegram/Steam websites as dead drop resolvers (DDR) 
  • NjRat variant (2.3R tXRAT) detection 

New Signatures 

In June, we added a total of 11 new signatures. Here are some highlights: 

  • GuLoader signatures: one and two 
  • Additional behavioral signatures 

About ANY.RUN 

ANY.RUN helps more than 400,000 cybersecurity professionals worldwide. Our interactive sandbox simplifies malware analysis of threats that target both Windows and Linux systems. Our threat intelligence products, TI Lookup, Yara Search and Feeds, help you find IOCs or files to learn more about the threats and respond to incidents faster.  

Advantages of ANY.RUN  

ANY.RUN helps you analyze threats faster while improving detection rates. The platform detects common malware families with YARA and Suricata rules and identifies malware behavior with signatures when detection by family is not possible. 

With ANY.RUN you can: 

  • Detect malware in under 40s. 
  • Interact with samples in real time. 
  • Save time and money on sandbox setup and maintenance 
  • Record and study all aspects of malware behavior. 
  • Collaborate with your team 
  • Scale as you need. 

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