ANY.RUN Supports the Osintomático Conference
ANY.RUN Supports the Osintomático Conference

On the weekend of May 20 and 21st, Madrid was a meeting point for specialists in OSINT and Social Engineering. ANY.RUN was excited to participate and support such an event. 

What is the Osintomático Conference?

Global challenges are increasing. The spheres between the physical and the digital have long been borderless. And in a changing environment, companies increasingly demand analysts and experts in various types of intelligence to be able to better decide on their future.

Faced with the increased demand for specialists in OSINT (Open Source INTelligence), the Osintomático Conference was born. It held its first edition in Madrid to “train and raise awareness among students, professionals, companies, and the general public about open source intelligence techniques and social engineering.”

It is not the first congress specializing in OSINT celebrated in Spain. Still, it was the first to be held in Madrid, and it did so with a very extensive panel of experts and international references in this discipline that is attracting more and more attention when it comes to imagining a more digital but also safer world.

The OSINT as a set of tools and techniques, can be used by cybercriminals —or common criminals— to gather information about their victims. But it is also used by those who do good, those who belong to the law enforcement, those who investigate facts privately, or simply those who want to contribute their grain of sand to good causes such as participating in a live TraceLabs CTF (Capture the Flag).

ANY.RUN supports the Osintomático Conference

It was the first experience for ANY.RUN sandbox to support a conference. And then, we have become a sponsor of the CTF competition. We provided 3 premium subscriptions – Hunter, a plan that gives winners of the first places expanded access to high-quality malware analysis.

ANY.RUN, along with NordVPN, Hunch.ly, and other companies, provided the organization with one more Hunter license. It was raffled among the concurrent audience, which left more than one happy since they are very useful tools for an OSINT investigation.

“From the organization, we want to thank ANY.RUN for their support in this first edition of the Osintomático Conference, hoping to continue with this union in all the editions that will take place from now on… and in the words of its Co-Founder Jézer Ferreira: “It has just to begin…”

Roberto Gonzalez, Co-Founder of the Osintomático Conference 

ANY.RUN is glad that the Osintomático Conference was a fantastic start. For us, it’s essential to contribute to the industry, and we just couldn’t miss a chance. Besides that, connecting with information security leaders is always amazing, enhancing the networking experience and sharing practices to improve cybersecurity.

We are excited to support the community’s development and participate in other future conferences! 

Contact Galina Zueva, our PR manager for collaboration offers: [email protected]

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