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ANY.RUN Partners with CyberDefenders Training and Assessment Platform
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ANY.RUN Partners with CyberDefenders Training and Assessment Platform

ANY.RUN has started a collaboration with CyberDefenders, a cyberdefense training and assessment platform. A place for security professionals to practice, validate their skills and acquire the ones they need.

CyberDefenders: training for SOC analysts

CyberDefenders is an online platform for high-quality and practical security training, where security instructors offer their courses to the community. These trainings span a wide range of defensive topics such as incident response, security operations, digital forensics, threat hunting, malware analysis, etc. 

In addition, CyberDefenders offers:

  •  A free practice area where security professionals can validate their hands-on skills using a set of real-world investigation scenarios such as SIEM investigations, network traffic analysis, cloud security, and open-source intelligence.
  • CTF platform that CTF organizers can use to host live competitions. Capture the Flag (CTF) is a special kind of information security competition where competing individuals and teams try to solve a set of security-related challenges in a limited time. CTFs are very popular in the security community, and organizations use them to improve their security teams’ skills and hire competent candidates. Universities also use them to help students understand cybersecurity attacks and defenses. 
  • The platform offers a bunch of intermediate to advanced trainings targeting SOC analysts, security/system engineers, and architects. Students dive into the most topical threats and learn how to defend them.

ANY.RUN: learn how to analyze artifacts 

ANY.RUN sandbox is a malware hunting service that benefits education goals. It perfectly blends with the training process. There is no need to teach students how to use it – the interface is simple enough for beginners. Plenty of real-time information for analysis and monitoring samples’ malicious behavior guarantees a profound basis for learning.

The interactive sandbox is convenient for learning: 
  • See the analysis results right away, how malware executes, and it doesn’t require any preparation. Just start the task and get the result. 
  • A user-friendly interface allows performing effective and qualitative investigations even for junior specialists.
  • A huge database of samples and IOCs.
  • The unlimited number of tasks.
  • Detailed reports will help you find the necessary information quickly and export it.
  • Work together on one sample. Create a team and track each member’s activity.

Muhammad Alharmeel, CyberDefenders CEO, has expressed his excitement about this partnership and integrating ANY.RUN into the courses offered on the platform. He highlights the speed of work and detailed information provided by the service.

ANY.RUN is simple, user-friendly, and, most importantly, safe to use. Coming from a technical background, I have used the service hundreds of times and believe that bringing ANY.RUN to our users will add great value to our training portfolio. 

Muhammad Alharmeel, CyberDefenders CEO.

Almost any security training involves dealing with artifacts in one way or another. Be it a binary file, an email attachment, or a suspected link. ANY.RUN simplifies this task and helps students inspect and analyze artifacts in a safe environment.

ANY.RUN and CyberDefenders partnership

We are excited to partner with CyberDefenders to help instructors utilize the power of ANY.RUN sandbox in their trainings and expose students to a realistic, world-class threat intel and analysis platform. 

Together with CyberDefenders, we have a special offer for all ANY.RUN users:

Use the promo code “ANYRUN0622” to get 10% off for all courses!

We believe that cybersecurity needs more specialists with hands-on skills and expert knowledge. That is why we are glad to support platforms like CyberDefenders and become a part of qualitative and helpful training. Here at ANY.RUN, we appreciate easy and informative services, and CyberDefenders definitely share these values.  

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