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Introducing ANY.RUN Guides and Tutorials 
HomeInstructions on ANY.RUN
Introducing ANY.RUN Guides and Tutorials 

We’re thrilled to present our Guides and Tutorials page — a curated set of resources designed to help you get started with ANY.RUN malware sandbox

Over the years, we’ve written numerous articles explaining how to work with ANY.RUN and showcasing real-world applications. Unfortunately, they were scattered across our blog, making them hard to find when you need them. But not anymore! 

Our new education hub is here to guide you through getting started with our malware sandbox, configuring your team’s environment and learning about the advanced malware analysis tools ANY.RUN provides. 

Start learning with Guides and Tutorials

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The hub is organized in a way so that you can go through it chronologically, which is ideal if you’re new to the service. But if you’d like to revisit a specific topic, you can find it in the navigation menu and jump straight to that section. 

We will keep on expanding the list of materials to cover more topics, and we’ll make sure to add information about new ANY.RUN releases.  

Have any suggestions on what we could improve? Please, leave them in the comments and we will get back to you shortly. 

The help center doesn’t cover your question yet? No worries! Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team using the contact form on the website. 

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