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  • Interact with malware in the sandbox like you would on your work station.
  • Enrich threat data with Feeds and find related IOCs with Lookup.
  • Secure confidential data within your private team space.
  • Manage teams of any size with access controls and workspace analytics.

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Our solutions

Malware sandbox

Observe threat behavior a secure cloud sandbox. Detonate zero-days and sophisticated malware by interacting with the VM right in the browser

Malware sandbox

Threat Intelligence Lookup

Search for contextual threat data and malware events across 3+ million sandbox research sessions

Threat Intelligence Lookup

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Enrich your TIP and SIEM systems with IOCs from the latest sandbox research sessions

Threat Intelligence Feeds
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  • Integrate a sandbox
  • Change current sandbox
  • Enrich threat data
  • Find contextual IOCs
  • Test a single file or URL
  • Other

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