ANY.RUN is Named the Most Innovative Security Service of the Year
ANY.RUN is Named the Most Innovative Security Service of the Year

ANY.RUN is thrilled to become the Most innovative security service of the year in the 18th Annual 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards. 

Most innovative security service of the year

We’re honored and humbled to receive so much recognition at the Globee® 18th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Award. Here at ANY.RUN innovation is a big deal for us. While everyone is creating automatic sandboxes that are quite the old news on the market, we have turned to manual analysis. Nothing can replace it, and we focused on a completely interactive service where direct actions matter the most. 

And we’re proud to say that it was a game-changer when we first shared this tool with the industry. With ANY.RUN, you can work with a suspicious sample directly as if you opened it on your personal computer: click, open, type, reboot.

Our innovative and intuitive interface is suitable for both students and experts. Even universities and schools use ANY.RUN in their programs. And we really appreciate it.  

Employees fall into stress and suffer while working with tools that are complicated, useless, and stingy with design. Those feelings are very relatable to me, as I used to be one of those guys. And I believe people can be more productive if they feel cared for.

Finding a solution or relief to this pain has become the key value in our product’s philosophy. We’re so grateful to the Globee® Business Awards for recognizing the hard work of our team. And we will continue providing a qualitative service to our customers worldwide.

Alexey Lapshin, CEO of ANY.RUN

Globee® Business Awards is the global leader in award recognition for companies, products, people, PR, and more.

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards are regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious awards, and they celebrate global security and IT achievements.

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