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ANY.RUN for Universities and Students: Special Offer  
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ANY.RUN for Universities and Students: Special Offer  

Achieving a safer cybersecurity environment on a global scale goes beyond timely detection and incident response. We believe that to ensure continuous progress in this realm, it is essential to invest in the next generations of professionals. That is why at ANY.RUN, we are committed to providing educational institutions and individual students with the resources they need to teach and learn malware analysis, a critical skill for combating cyber threats of tomorrow. 

Free semester of ANY.RUN’s top plan for universities 

Editor’s Note: The ANY.RUN for Education program has reached its enrollment limit for this semester. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to stay tuned for future announcements.

As part of our efforts to make malware analysis more accessible, we have developed a program intended for educational purposes. Specifically, we are giving universities the opportunity to get up to 15 free Education licenses for one semester.  

For one semester universities can get up to

15 free Education licenses

This means that for several months, the university’s faculty and students will have full access to all features of our online malware sandbox, including the ability to work in teams, completely free of charge. 

By participating in the program, universities will be asked to provide feedback on the sandbox and their experience with it, which will include:  

  • Completing questionnaires 
  • Talking to our representatives over video calls 
  • Submitting bug reports  

This information will help us make the service more user-friendly and relevant to the needs of universities and all users in general. 

To enter our program, contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “ANY.RUN for education.” Please note that the offer is limited. 

Discounts on ANY.RUN’s premium plans for students 

We want to make sure that all students have access to ANY.RUN, so we have decided to introduce discounts for them. 

Students who join our student community on Discord can get ANY.RUN’s paid plans at a reduced price (and sometimes for free during promotions). Find the “any-students” channel on the server.

Connect with passionate malware analysts

Join ANY.RUN’s Discord community 

Being part of our community is completely free and it is a great way to connect with other students from all over the world, ask questions, and work on projects together:

  • Network with students and professionals 
  • Access malware analysis resources 
  • Share your ideas and feedback with the team 

How ANY.RUN benefits universities and students 

The ANY.RUN interactive sandbox is not only a service used by over 300,000 cybersecurity professionals, but also an invaluable tool for teaching and learning.  

Our intuitive interface, extensive functionality, huge database of malware samples, and detailed reports significantly accelerate and improve malware analysis.  

With the help of ANY.RUN, professors, and students can: 

  • See how a malware sample executes and interacts with a system. 
  • Conduct real-time investigations of malware samples. 
  • Create and perform malware analysis labs to ensure hands-on experience. 
  • Assign and complete homework on malware analysis. 
  • Collaborate using the teamwork capabilities of the service. 
  • Study detailed reports to interpret malware analysis data. 
  • Collect the latest samples and explore them in a safe environment. 
  • Gather indicators of compromise (IOCs) for numerous malware types and families. 

ANY.RUN has been employed by multiple institutions as part of their educational courses and programs. For instance, you can learn about how our sandbox has been implemented by Dakota State University in their curriculum. You can also check out how Zero2Automated utilizes ANY.RUN in their malware analysis training.  


The demand for well-trained cybersecurity professionals has never been higher. By doing our part in responding to this need, we are dedicated to helping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals succeed and meet the challenges of the future. Therefore, we welcome all educational institutions to reach out to us and join our program.  

Remember to contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “ANY.RUN for education.” 

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