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Malware hunting with
live access to the
heart of an incident

Watch the epidemic as if it was on your computer,
but in a more convenient and secure way,
with a variety of monitoring features.

  • Realtime interaction
  • Network tracking
  • Process monitoring
  • MITRE ATT&CK™ mapping
  • Behavior graph
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Our awards

  • Global awards 2022/2023
  • Technology innovator awards 2022
  • Cyber security global excellence 2022 Silver
  • Global infosec awards 2021
  • Technology innovator awards corporate vision
  • Cyber defence magazine
  • Cyber security award fortress 2023
  • Cyber defense magazine award 2023
  • National cyber security award fortress award 2023
  • Inovation business award 2023

Innovative cloud-based sandbox with full interactive access

It is not enough to run a suspicious file on a testing system to be sure in its safety. For some types of malware or vulnerabilities (e.g., APT), direct human interaction during analysis is required. A set of online malware analysis tools, allows you to watch the research process and make adjustments when needed, just as you would do it on a real system, rather than relying on a wholly automated sandbox.

Real-time Data-flow
Hard drive
Malicious URL
Executable file
was dropped

Track behavior activities in Real-time

The service shows many aspects of testing, such as creation of new processes, potentially suspicious or malicious files or URLs as well as registry activity, network requests and much more in real-time, allowing to make conclusions during the task execution without having to wait for the final report.

Threat intelligence database

A community consisting of a large number of researchers from different countries contributes to our threat intelligence database, allowing to collect and analyze attacks at the moment of their appearance, revealing the IOC at the initial stage. The malware reports can be accessed through public submissions and downloaded in specialized formats.

Large amount of analyzed samples
Threat intelligence lookup

Threat intelligence lookup

Expand your security Quickly evaluate IOCs during incident response or threat hunting by accessing actionable insights on events, IP addresses, domains, file hashes, and more with a real-time stream of latest IOCs.

  • Perform wildcard searches by querying our linked database of IOCs by any field, event or indicator
  • Understand popular TTPs and how they link to malware with geo-located C2 servers
  • Understand behaviour of identified malware families with real-world malware examples

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Threat intelligence feeds

Threat intelligence feeds

Expand your security systems with a real-time stream of latest IOCs.

  • Keep your security systems updated with the latest malicious IPs, URLs, and domains — available in JSON and STIX.
  • Improve your security against current threats with data from recent incidents.
  • Get updates to fend off attacks before they happen.

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Speed up your workflow

Unlike fully automated malware sandboxes, the instant access technology allows receiving initial results immediately after launching a task, not having to wait for the simulation to end completely.

Compare of sandboxes


Team working, report sharing, video embedding

Easy to share

Information security audit tools provided by the service allow generating reports that contain important parts of the malware analysis, like video, screenshots, hashes as well as all the data accumulated during the task execution. The service also provides an ability for teamwork in a single desktop mode or to host a real-time presentation for several people.

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