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How ANY.RUN Helps SOC and DFIR Teams: Junior to Senior Specialists 
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How ANY.RUN Helps SOC and DFIR Teams: Junior to Senior Specialists 

ANY.RUN is the go-to solution for SOC and DFIR teams. Our interactive sandbox is trusted by security teams at companies like HP, Malwarebytes, IBM, and many others. But why do they find it so useful for their work?

Every SOC team can be divided into tiers, from Junior Security Analysts (Tier 1) and Security Operations Analysts (Tier 2) to Threat Hunters (Tier 3). 

Let’s explore the ANY.RUN provides to each tier: 

Junior Security Analysts (Tier 1) ANY.RUN benefits 

Junior security analysts are tasked with monitoring network traffic logs and events, managing tickets, closing alerts, and conducting basic investigations. Here’s how ANY.RUN helps in this role.

Tasks of a Tier 1 analyst

Effortless Triage: ANY.RUN streamlines the process of triaging. It allows junior analysts to monitor network events more efficiently, facilitating the rapid closure of alerts and tickets. This efficiency in triaging helps maintain the flow of security operations and reduces the response time to potential threats. 

Rapid Response: In the realm of cybersecurity, time is of the essence. ANY.RUN aids junior analysts in performing basic investigations and mitigations swiftly. The platform delivers instant analysis, offering results within a mere 20 seconds. This rapid response capability is vital for addressing security incidents before they escalate. 

User-Friendly Interface: The design of ANY.RUN’s interface is intuitive, making it accessible even to those with limited experience in such platforms. This user-friendly nature of ANY.RUN eliminates the need for extensive additional training, ensuring that junior analysts can quickly become proficient in utilizing the tool. 

Unlimited Tasks: ANY.RUN does not impose limits on the number of manual submissions. Junior analysts can upload and re-run samples for in-depth analysis as needed. This is particularly beneficial for thorough investigations and continuous learning. 

These effects are felt by our clients, from Junior to Senior.
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Security Operations Analysts (Tier 2) benefits 

Security Operations Analysts (Tier 2) are tasked with engaging in more in-depth investigations, analysis, remediation, and proactive hunting for adversaries. They also handle and resolve more complex alerts. ANY.RUN provides several key benefits to aid them in these responsibilities.

Tasks of a Tier 2 analyst 

Deeper investigations: ANY.RUN enables Tier 2 analysts to execute malware within a controlled sandbox environment. This allows you to closely observe the behavior of malware, collect IOCs, and uncover TTPs, which helps better understand and mitigate potential threats. 

Flexible configuration: Analysts can customize their simulations based on locale, operating system version, and network settings. This flexibility enhances their analysis capabilities, allowing for a more tailored approach to each unique security scenario. It also helps in replicating real-world environments for more accurate analysis. 

Efficient workflow: Collaboration is key in any team-based setting, at ANY.RUN we foster this through our platform. It allows analysts to collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues, streamlining tasks and improving team coordination. This efficiency in workflow not only speeds up the process of threat analysis and resolution but also promotes a more integrated team dynamic. 

Benefits for Threat Hunters (Tier 3) 

Threat Hunters (Tier 3) conduct advanced investigations and in-depth adversary research. Here’s how ANY.RUN helps them in their work:  

Tasks of a Tier 3 analyst 

Immediate access to results: For Threat Hunters, time is crucial. ANY.RUN’s virtual machines start up in seconds, significantly reducing downtime. This quick access is vital for maintaining productivity and responding promptly to emerging threats. 

Interactive analysis: The platform allows Threat Hunters to interact directly with malware and the affected systems. Features include monitoring network and registry activity, intercepting C2 communications, and gathering IOCs. This level of interaction is crucial for understanding how malware operates, which aids in detecting and remediating similar infections. 

Unlimited tasks: ANY.RUN does not restrict the number of tasks that can be uploaded and restarted. This feature ensures that Threat Hunters can conduct comprehensive analyses, repeatedly testing and examining samples as required for thorough investigations. 

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Additional benefits for SOC/DFIR team leads and executives

Beyond helping team-members in their day-to-day, adopting ANY.RUN has noticable impact on efficiency of the security team as a whole. Here’s what our users notice:

Benefits for team-leads

  • Cost savings: ANY.RUN optimizes workflows and resource allocation, leading to reduced operational costs.
  • Simpler onboarding: Simplicity of ANY.RUN ensures a faster onboarding of new hires.
  • Better reports: Enables the generation of comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Benefits for executives

  • Fast ROI: ANY.RUN optimizes SOC/DFIR operations, which leads to cost savings and resource efficiency. 
  • More robust security company-wide: Our sandbox helps IT security teams with better data integrity. 
  • Strategic Insights: Clients get insights into emerging threats and security trends through timely analytics. 
  • Reduced business risks: Faster analysis of APTs and new zero-day exploits can reduce your attack surface. 

Wrapping up 

No matter what Tier of a SOC analyst you are, ANY.RUN can save you time, streamline your day-to-day tasks and make your work more efficient. For executives and managers it brings cost saving and makes it easier and faster to bring in new hires.  

Are you interested in learning more about what ANY.RUN can do for you or your team, or giving it a test drive? 

Request a demo today and enjoy 14 days of free access to our Enterprise plan.     

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