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Release Notes
September 24, 2020

Today ANY.RUN has wonderful news for you, a new update is already on the service! As you know, ANY.RUN is famous for its user-friendly interface. But there is always room for improvement. In this release, we have done a lot to make our service better and faster. 

We have taken into account your comments and collected all reviews from our analyst team to make some changes. 

Our main goal is not just to make everything beautiful, but to improve our service so you can work much faster.

We’re introducing several enhancements to the functionality in this update.

Update overview:

  • specific monitors sizes support improvement
  • service usability improvements
  • minor back-end fixes 
  • service interface redesign
  • process tree’s and network block’s work optimization

 Let’s have a closer look at a new version of our service.

A new usability iteration has appeared on the service. Initially, we have changed a part of it and now it’s time for other elements of the service to update. As you can see, the contrast was increased and everything looks cleaner. No more inconveniences, bright colors will help you to be focused on the right information. 

The further updates concern 2 segments: process tree and file modification fields.

 Process tree:

1. We have made the process tree more convenient and compact. There are more processes added to the page. As we always want to give our clients as much information as possible by showing all processes on one page. 

2. In this version, the command line has become bigger and more visible. Moreover, the information content of the window doesn’t suffer and all of the necessary data fits there. Besides that, if you click on the process, the ‘Process details’ window opens. And there you can copy the whole command line.

3. ‘Process details’ window has become more informative as you can see in the picture above. The height of the window can be also set, and it won’t change during your analysis. 

4. While starting a task now you see whether the process is running or not. The process timeline is more noticeable. 

5. The work with a tree is easier now. All the process structure has become more logical. Before the enhancement, you used to be confused easily as you had only arrows to walk a tree or search for any item there. 

6. A process has acquired the tag, connected with this process. Owing to this new feature, you can level up your search and understand your analysis better.

Files modification and Network block:

1. We have added buttons to the lines. And also there is an opportunity to copy URLs. Now it is clearer what section is clickable to copy the necessary information. Along with that, all unnecessary buttons are deleted.

2. Now we have the search bar in the Network block. A lot of clients requested this feature, and we completely agree with them, so we added it in this patch. 

3. The process chosen on the files modification page is now highlighted in its appropriate place in the tree. This feature will allow you to analyze and understand the process faster. 

4. We have optimized pop-up windows. The ‘Request details’ and ‘Threat details’ have become more convenient, you can find them if you click on a process. The ‘Static discovery’ is also available if you click on the ‘Content’ tab in the ‘HTTP Request’ window.

5. You may have noticed some design changes in the ‘Connections’, ‘DNS Requests’, and ‘Threats’ sections. The copy function has also appeared here as well as the search bar. 

The main goal of ANY.RUN team is always to simplify your work and save your time. We hope you will find all of the improvements useful. And your analysis will become easier and faster! Would you like to get a first-hand view of the enhancements? Of course, it’s better to test them by yourself, so here is the link to our service:

Stay tuned for our updates, we are preparing a lot of new and interesting things for you!  

For further details, you can watch our video and see all the updates in action!

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