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ANY.RUN for Enterprises: Learn About Our Most Complete Plan
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ANY.RUN for Enterprises: Learn About Our Most Complete Plan

Today’ we’d like to introduce you to ANY.RUN Enteprise — our plan specifically made for teams. It includes team management, data protection and interactive malware analysis capabilities.

ANY.RUN shows everything that is happening in a VM, highlighting what is suspicious or malicious

Our goal is to help security teams quickly understand if a sample is malicious, see how it behaves in real-time and collect artifacts you can look for in your logs. With just a few clicks, you can configure and launch unlimited instances of our cloud-based interactive VMs, which initialize in seconds. We support Windows and Linux operating systems. 

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Set up VMs in seconds, launch unlimited instances, and analyze samples across many configurations 

We’re also constantly adding new enterprise features, many inspired by customer feedback, like ANY.RUN extensions for Chrome and Edge browsers that we released last month. 

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Who is the Enterprise plan for? 

The Enterprise plan is for teams that need enhanced data protection, priority support, team management and collaboration capabilities. Today we’d like to talk about when you might consider Enterprise over our other plans, like Hunter. 

☝️ Enterprise Plan:
  • Is for SOC, DIFIR and malware analysis teams
  • Has team-specific data protection and management
  • Designed to scale with your team
  • Covers 5 or more seats

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The Enterprise plan is charged based on the number of user seats. At the minimum, it covers up to 5 seats, with discounts available for larger teams or as your team grows in size. 

Who is our Hunter plan for? 

Hunter, on the other hand, is our most complete plan for analysts working independently. It’s designed for solo security professionals and independent researchers who want access to all of ANY.RUN’s features, but don’t need to manage data settings or control access across multiple team members.

☝️ Hunter Plan:
  • Is for independent researchers
  • Offers access to all ANY.RUN features
  • Lacks team management
  • Covers 1 seat

ANY.RUN enterprise benefits  

ANY.RUN helps you enhance your company’s security by analyzing samples of potential malware. However, the information contained within these samples that relates to your company needs to remain secure within your workspace. That’s why we’ve added settings for teams that want better control over their security and compliance requirements 

Team privacy 

The Enterprise plan gives you access to team privacy settings, where you can control types of tasks team members can create. For instance, you could configure your account so that analysts cannot create public tasks or modify access to tasks to assign roles within the team. 

Manage privacy in your team settings

In ANY.RUN, you can launch tasks with different visibility levels: Public submission, Who has a link (which lets you share access to a task like it’s a Google Doc), Only team and Only me (private). For companies, it’s often crucial to ensure that the data you submit remains private and secure against accidental disclosure — like someone by a fluke launching a public task when they meant for it to be private. 

Learn about ANY.RUN in an interactive demo 

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Team-wide 2FA control 

If you need to comply with regulations like GDPR and ISO 27001, we offer additional features to protect private data. For instance, ISO 27001 is an information security management systems (ISMS) standard which, among other things, requires mandatory two-factor authentication — this can be fully customized in our system.

Enable 2FA in your team settings

You can set up your workspace so that employees won’t be able to log in without 2FA. 

Team management 

We’ve added features to the ANY.RUN Enterprise plan that are designed to help security teams maximize the value of their work, while also enabling larger teams to stay aligned and grow. 

Manage all team members’ access in one place
  • Seat management: Easily control who has access to your team data, transfer or revoke access and scale with new seats as needed. 
  • Common task history: To download tasks from your entire team via an API and enrich your data with all the associated indicators.
Track team members’ productivity

Productivity tracking: So you always know what each employee is working on. Senior team members can review past tasks to double-check if the analysis was done correctly.  

ANY.RUN is also great for teams onboarding junior SOC and malware analysts because it promotes learning. 

With no limit on the number of tasks they can create, junior analysts are free to explore how malware behaves under different configurations, retrace analysis steps, and experiment with what information they can get from a sample. It helps them learn malware analysis because ANY.RUN puts them in the context of an incident, allowing them to experience and react to it as it unfolds in real time. 

Still have questions? Ask our team in a quick call 

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Priority support 

 As an enterprise customer, your requests will receive top priority. You’ll also be able to count on prompt responses to any questions you have regarding training or using the service in general. 


We understand how important it is for companies that when deploying a new tool, it seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and systems. ANY.RUN easily integrates with leading security platform vendors through pre-made connectors. You’ll be able to effortlessly incorporate the service into your workflow.

Integrate ANY.RUN into your existing security ecosystem

We’re also always adding new integrations. In the past month alone we’ve added support for OpenCTI, D3 Security, Threat Quotient, Blink and TheHive. 

About ANY.RUN  

ANY.RUN is a trusted partner for more than 400,000 cybersecurity professionals around the world. Our interactive sandbox simplifies malware analysis of threats targeting both Windows and Linux systems, providing analysts with an advanced tool for investigations. Our threat intelligence products, Lookup and Feeds, offer refined indicators of compromise and context that lets users detect threats and respond to incidents faster.  

Advantages of ANY.RUN  

ANY.RUN helps you analyze threats faster while improving detection rates. The platform detects common malware families with YARA and Suricata rules and identifies malware behavior with signatures when detection by family is not possible. 

With ANY.RUN you can: 

  • Detect malware in under 40s: ANY.RUN detects malware within about 40 seconds of a file upload. It identifies prevalent malware families using YARA and Suricata rules and uses behavioral signatures to detect malicious actions when you encounter a new threat. 
  • Interact with samples in real time: ANY.RUN is an interactive cloud sandbox powered by VNC, which means that you can do everything you could on a real system: browse webpages, click through installers, open password-protected archives. 
  • Save time and money on sandbox setup and maintenance: ANY.RUN’s cloud-based nature eliminates the need for setup or maintenance by your DevOps team, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.  
  • Record and study all aspects of malware behavior: ANY.RUN provides a detailed analysis of malware behavior, including network traffic, system calls, and file system changes.  
  • Collaborate with your team: easily share analysis results, or, as a senior team member, check work of junior analysts by viewing recordings of their analysis sessions. 
  • Scale as you need: as a cloud service, you can easily scale your team, simply by adding more licenses. 

We’ll show you in an interactive presentation how ANY.RUN can help your security team.   

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