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Free ANY.RUN sandbox for educational purposes

ANY.RUN gives a new free opportunity to use our service for university professors and lecturers. Teachers and students of cybersecurity courses can work in a team together and analyze malicious objects and URLs. Level up your programs with a new approach to malware analysis! 

What is ANY.RUN sandbox?

ANY.RUN is an interactive malware analysis sandbox. The service detects, analyzes, and monitors cybersecurity threats. 150k malware analytics work with the service every day. And a lot of users benefit from the platform’s results of the investigation.

Why do you need ANY.RUN for education?

Our sandbox is convenient for learning: 

  • See the results of analysis right away, how malware executes, and it doesn’t require any preparation. Just start the task and get the result. 
  • A user-friendly interface allows performing effective and qualitative investigations even for junior specialists.
  • A huge database of samples and IOCs.
  • Detailed reports will help you find the necessary information quickly and export it.
  • Work together on one sample. Create a team and track each member’s activity.

How to use ANY.RUN in your course? 

The sandbox is a convenient tool. You don’t need any manual or training on how to use the service. So teachers and students can focus on studying right away. Integration of ANY.RUN into your course can be different. For example: 

  • Giving lectures with visual materials 
  • Real-time investigating and malware research
  • Labs for investigating a big variety of samples 
  • Homeworks – a lecturer can check each member’s activity in the team history 
  • Performing analysis together for better understanding and improving team working skills
  • Working with detailed reports 
  • Searching for additional samples
  • Get an overview of malware functionality and behavior
  • Gathering IOCs

ANY.RUN has a successful experience of integration into several cybersecurity courses. Have a look at these use cases: 

3 malware analysis courses in the Dakota State University integrate ANY.RUN into their programs. Find out about them here: https://any.run/cybersecurity-blog/dsu-collaboration/

Zero2Automated training is based on ANY.RUN sandbox. Here are more details: https://any.run/cybersecurity-blog/zero2automated-collaboration/

Get an exclusive offer 

ANY.RUN is glad to offer an opportunity for university professors to use ANY.RUN service for free:

  1. Lecturers are provided with a premium plan, so they can create a team of students and work together on different samples. 
  1. Students also get extended access to advanced features that allow users to carry out malware analysis and plunge into the investigation of cyber threats. 

We also will be glad to work with other malware analysis courses not connected with universities. Just get in touch with us, so we can find the best solution for you, too.

Today malware evolves faster than light, we have to unite our forces to combat these threats. And it’s pretty clear that we lack experts to reach this goal. And ANY.RUN is committed to changing it. We’d like to help increase the number of professional cybersecurity specialists.

Let’s create the future of cybersecurity together! 

Contact us at [email protected] for more information. Note that the number of places is limited.  

Please write the tag “ANY.RUN for education” in the email subject. 

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